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About Us

MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limited (“MitonOptimal CI”) is a part of the MitonOptimal Group and are independent owner-managed investment management companies with offices in South Africa Guernsey and Singapore.


The MitonOptimal Group

The MitonOptimal Group currently manages approximately US$600 million (as at December 2012) through its range of funds and discretionary & advisory portfolios services, for private clients, trustees and institional investors.

MitonOptimal’s strength and success comes from their overiding focus and product diversity, we do not launch new funds that are simply the flavour of the month. We have our core Multi Asset Management portfolios that best negotiate the difficult, and at times very volatile, world of equities, bonds, cash, currencies, commodities, alternative strategies and commercial property and that is how it has remained since inception. We deliver a broad range of funds diversified across traditional and alternative asset class, geography and jurisdiction, with an emphasis on active investment management and client service.

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MitonOptimal CI

MitonOptimal CI and its Directors are regulated and licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to conduct the restricted activities of: promotion, subscription, registration, dealing, management, administration and advising on collective investment schemes (Category I) and general securities and derivatives (Category II).

MitonOptimal CI’s directors are Scott Campbell, Clive Standish-White, Shaun McDade, Hazel Kelling and Bredin Harding, who collectively have more than eighty years’ experience in all aspects of the offshore finance industry, gained in a variety of well-respected financial institutions. A diversity of skills results in a collective mix of talent that is ideal for our risk averse approach to investment management and helps us align ourselves with our corporate philosophy.

Our Corporate Philosophy
  • Seek superior, long term, investment returns at modest levels of risk
  • Develop simple and innovative products that provide value-added solutions for our clients
  • Align our interests with those of our clients
Our Services

MitonOptimal CI offers three distinct services:

1. Portfolio Management – Within our Portfolio Management services we offer four standard levels of portfolio management;

  • Discretionary Management Services
  • Advisory Management Services
  • Advisory Dealing Services
  • Execution-Only Services

2. Fund Management – Within our Fund Management services we offer three types of fund product:

  • Multi-asset class, multi-manager portfolios and funds
  • Income funds
  • Specialist fund sector funds

3. Pension Services – Our Pension Management services currently include:

  • Management of Personal Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes (RATS)
  • Pension fund investment management
Our Investment Approach

We take a long-term view to portfolio management, seeking to generate strong risk-adjusted returns above that achievable from cash or cash equivalents. We implement our investment philosophy by ensuring that simple, logical fundamentals are the primary drivers determining how, where, when and why we invest money.

As a primarily multi-manager investor, we aim to identify proven managers whose investment approach dovetails with our ‘back to basics’ principles, for each of the asset classes, sectors or investment strategies we wish to access. We then blend an optimal mix of these managers into our portfolios, diversifying across a broad spread of underlying investments. In order to achieve our primary consideration of risk reduction, we have developed a core / satellite approach to investment management.

The ‘core’ component of our investment portfolios comprises of fixed income, alternative strategies and protected / balanced equities. Collectively, these are intended to generate steady, positive returns with a low correlation to mainstream equity and bond markets.  These are complemented by a number of ‘satellite’ holdings, primarily global and emerging market equities, as well as property investments and derivatives. Here, return characteristics are much more influenced by the direction of markets and are likely to be more volatile than our core positions.

Whilst the aim of the ‘satellite’ component is to gain exposure to a range of alpha generators and risk profiles, most of our holdings can be characterised as ‘index agnostic’ and ‘risk-aware’ to the point they will hold significant cash positions where appropriate. As such, they represent a key part of our risk management process and while performance returns may vary considerably from benchmark, they can add significant long-term value to our portfolios.

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