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Where are we?

MitonOptimal CI’s head office is located in the the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which is part of a group of islands known as the Channel Islands, situated in the English Channel between the UK and France. Guernsey’s ties to Great Britain stem from its having been a possession of the Dukes of Normandy prior to the Norman invasion of England. It is self-governing under a non-party political system and is free to set its own taxes and laws. Numerous charters from the 13th century onward have granted provision of defence and foreign representation from the British Crown whilst preserving its fiscal independence.

Guernsey remains an idyllic tourist destination however its principal source of income is the offshore financial services industry. Given its strong regulation Guernsey is a leading financial services centre hosting many of the world’s major banks, insurance managers, trust companies and legal and accounting firms. Guernsey’s finance industry is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Guernsey attracts international investors through its favourable tax system, regulatory security and confidentiality. For non-resident investors there is no Guernsey tax on the income and capital gains of the investment funds. So apart from withholding or corporation taxes on the income deriving from some securities (imposed at source), capital will grow entirely tax-free.

In summary Guernsey offers:

  • Political stability
  • Constitutional and fiscal independence from the United Kingdom and European Union
  • Excellent communications with other financial centres
  • Well-established commercial and legal infrastructure
  • Strong financial services regulation
  • No exchange controls
  • A culture of investor confidentiality


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