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Social media and particularly the valuations of companies associated with it have captured investors’ attention recently. Nosebleed valuations of IPOs and other tech listed companies is a difficult field to comprehend at the best of times, but when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $18bn last month… Read the entire [download id="263"]  article    Author: Scott [Read More]

The recent interventions by Russia in the Crimean province of Ukraine represent the biggest current threat to the stability of financial markets. Understanding what Vladimir Putin is up to requires a review of the area’s history going back to at least the Second World War. It is also important to understand that a secession of the Crimea from the Ukraine is unlikely. Putin is merely [Read More]

“MitonOptimal’s Shaun McDade had become concerned about valuations on the Invesco Perpetual High Income and Income funds even before the star manager resigned, and has bought GVO UK Focus instead. The departure of FE Alpha Manager Neil Woodford was the “trigger point” that caused wealth management firm MitonOptimal to sell out of the multi-billion Invesco Perpetual High [Read More]

When the South African Interest Rates Normalise… Which Asset Classes Historically Win? “Research conducted by Investec Securities indicates that a continued global economic recovery, specifically that of the US, is likely to lead to an ongoing rise in global bond yields. Rising bond yields are typically associated with an increase in the dispersion of share prices and asset class [Read More]

2014 is now upon us and already furious debate rages over the “fragile five” and the effects of reduced global liquidity on the emerging markets. In this latest quarterly newsletter, we also evaluate the “New New Normal” and interest rate normalisation effects on the developing world, particularly South Africa. We have our regular International and Domestic (South Africa) Asset [Read More]

Miton Asset Management multi-manager Martin Gray says he to keep a large weighting in cash as he admits he is “struggling” to find good value in the market. Gray, who is holding 25.50 per cent of the £870m Miton Special Situations Portfolio in cash, says: “We are struggling to find value out there in anything. With all this new money coming into the market it is easy to see asset prices [Read More]

Background Investors are facing unprecedented volatility within fixed rate and inflation- linked bonds (“ILB”) lately. Since the U.S. Federal Reserve (“Fed”) Chairman provided guidance that they may ‘taper’ the pace of US Bond purchases in May 2013, bond markets across the world experienced price depreciation as US 10 year Treasury yields spiked up from 1.65% to the current 2.75%. [Read More]

[caption id="attachment_4568" align="alignright" width="300"] Five Years of Hard Work by the Federal Reserve[/caption] We can thank the Federal Reserve (“Fed”) Chairman, Ben Bernanke, and his comments on tapering of quantitative easing for the ongoing volatility in capital markets. In May 2013 he hinted that the US$ 85 million per month bond purchase will be reduced aseconomic recovery in [Read More]

Presenter: I’m joined now by Martin Gray, fund manager at Miton. Martin, Ben Bernanke’s been talking about slowing up on QE, what’s your take on it? Martin Gray: I think the whole quantitative easing thing I struggled to understand when it was…   [Read More]

In the EU President José Manuel Barroso’s annual state of the union address this week in Strasbourg, he warned that political instability was now the biggest threat to Europe’s fitful recovery from the three-year-old Eurozone crisis. He stated that governments are still at risk of punishment from the financial markets if they veer from the economic reforms recommended by Brussels. Whilst [Read More]

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