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Although the question of Scottish independence has now been put to bed for a good while – I’m not sure even Alex Salmond would have the brass neck to try again – the political landscape within the UK is set to go through significant change as the result of the referendum process. In the meantime, the financial markets have welcomed yesterday’s outcome by bidding up the Pound and [Read More]

A growing uncertainty over the outcome of next week’s independence referendum in Scotland, exemplified by the result of a Sunday Times / Yougov poll putting the “yes” vote ahead for the first time, has caused a right old palaver, not just north and south of Hadrian’s Wall, but also on the international capital markets. What had, until recently, looked like a comfortable (ish) retention [Read More]

Having spent some time catching up on our Gloom, Boom & Doom reports, from the honourable Marc Faber last week, one always has to ponder the bearish case. In his August report, Faber analysed the 15 largest bear markets since 1929, which makes interesting reading…   Read the entire [download id="279"] article.     [caption id="attachment_3919" align="alignleft" [Read More]

Wars all over the Arc of Instability – the world’s major oil producing areas – so the oil price is rising, right? … Wrong! (Paraphrasing Lombard Street Research.) A little over a month ago, I wrote about the Arc of Instability – Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa – and crude oil’s forward curve. Let’s see what has changed, what has not, and what we can read into [Read More]

[caption id="attachment_4170" align="alignleft" width="136"] Rob Macdonald – Chief Operating Officer – South Africa[/caption] The second quarter of the year has been notable for a number of reasons, not least of which, the start of the World Cup Soccer tournament. Sport often offers us useful metaphors for different aspects of life in the real world. The World Cup has some [Read More]

The most recent US earnings announcements might catch the investment world’s attention this week, but one headline that did not seem to gain much press time was that made by the Chinese, with respect to their mortgage-backed securities market. The Chinese government agreed this week to allow banks to tap the debt market, by packaging up residential mortgages, a practice which had been banned [Read More]

In the past, priests used to divine omens from the steaming entrails of sacrificed animals. While things have thankfully improved since then, we can still divine useful information by looking at the different working parts of the financial markets. Take crude oil for example, it recently broke up out of a long consolidation phase, but promptly fell back and now looks as if it might be breaking [Read More]

The recent deal between South African investment manager RECM Holdings and independent advisory business Wells Faber raises several questions – not least the succession challenge facing many independent financial planning businesses. With the average age of South African financial advisors in the late 50s, their need to solve the succession problem is becoming more urgent… Read the [Read More]

Strikes represent a breakdown in the symbiotic relationship between capital and labour. Each party needs each other, but they also have conflicting interest with regards to the surplus of their common endeavour. It is thus not surprising that they sometimes fight about what level and form of pay is acceptable. Normally, this bust-up is, or rather should be, temporary. In fact, a whole raft of [Read More]

Martin Gray to continue as a director of MitonOptimal Guernsey Limited. This clarification follows today’s announcement of the resignation of Martin Gray as a Director, from the Board of Miton Group PLC. Following the London Stock Exchange announcement this morning, and to provide clarity, Martin Gray has not resigned from MitonOptimal Guernsey Limited. He has been a director of MitonOptimal [Read More]

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