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Another busy quarter at MitonOptimal, both in South Africa and our International Operations. As we climb the wall of worry around the world of Ebola, Middle Eastern conflict, ISIL, Scottish Referendums and the exit of QE, it is not surprising that volatility is starting to rise. The almost uninterrupted, upwards movement of global equities for 3 years, until mid-year, with very low levels of [Read More]

The morning fund management meetings held at MitonOptimal play host to many different personalities; Professors with academic backgrounds, hedge fund managers, big picture strategic thinkers, tactical asset allocation mindsets, a geologist, many experienced fund analysts and quantitative technical analysts. Whilst pondering recent market weakness, we turned to the technical charts (or “tea [Read More]

Markets regained a little of their poise overnight with the VIX index of volatility falling back 4% from its three year high as US and Chinese equities managed to hold onto some slim gains at the close. The S&P 500 ended Thursday up 0.01% at 1,862, well off Wednesday’s low of 1,830, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index closed 0.57% up. Relatively positive US manufacturing and employment [Read More]

Wall Street declined on Wednesday on lingering concerns about weak global demand, but an afternoon rebound helped the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index pare its biggest intraday plunge since 2011. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 173 points, or 1.06%, to 16,142, the S&P 500 lost 15 points, or 0.81%, to 1,862 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 12 points, or 0.28%, to 4,215. Yesterday’s [Read More]

“UK CPI inflation has fallen to its lowest level in five years, undershooting estimates as the impact of falling petrol prices dragged the headline level down near to 1%.” Read the entire Investment Week article [Source: Investment Week ( – Author Nick Paler] [Read More]

[caption id="attachment_3919" align="alignleft" width="111"] Scott Campbell, Chairman of the MitonOptimal Group of Companies[/caption] Just ten days ago, on the 30th September, the first case of Ebola outside of Africa was diagnosed in Dallas, Texas and more recently a nurse in Spain was also diagnosed. In the movie [Outbreak], only once the outbreak hits the US, does all hell break loose. [Read More]

Early gains on the FTSE 100 have been wiped out as investors turned their attention from the US Federal Reserve’s dovish stance to the latest eurozone economic woes. The UK blue-chip index rose two points higher at 6,484 after choppy trading. It had reached as high as 6,542 at the open as investors reacted enthusiastically to signals from the Fed that US interest rates would be kept at [Read More]

Markets in the US fell overnight, after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its forecast for global growth for the next two years. The IMF said it now expected global growth of 3.3% this year, down from the 3.4% it predicted in July, while next year’s forecast was cut to 3.8%, from 4%. In particular, it expects the eurozone to see meagre growth of 0.8% this year and 1.3% next year, [Read More]

The main London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) index is commonly referred to as the “Footsie” and, up until a couple of weeks ago, was being quoted in the press as having hit multi-year highs. The FTSE 100 is made up of the largest one hundred qualifying UK companies, by size or market capitalization. What is less considered is that most of these companies are global businesses, so the FTSE 100 [Read More]

The strength of the US Dollar over the past three months is well documented by most market commentators and Twitter contributors. In the past, a strong US Dollar has had many ramifications for other asset classes, but what is actually happening in the currency markets? The Dollar index is a basket of trade weighted currency crosses, which is heavily weighted towards the Euro. With the [Read More]

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