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Our Portfolio Services

MitonOptimal CI offers a wide range of investment services that are designed to take advantage of our approach to professional and friendly client service. This compliments our philosophy to seek superior, long-term investment returns at modest levels of risk; develop innovative products that provide value added solutions for clients and align our interests with those of our clients to ensure that we completely understand their needs and expectations.

The range of services we offer are:

Portfolio Management

MitonOptimal CI offers bespoke investment management services to a wide range of clients, including trustees, institutions, family offices and private individuals. Our solutions meet the needs and expectations of our clients through risk aware investment strategies, proven investment models and investment philosophies. MitonOptimal CI also offers a very personal and professional level of client service, including regular face to face investment reviews for all clients, which results in a high level of client retention and client satisfaction. <More…>


Niche DFM Service

MitonOptimal CI’s Niche DFM Service is a discretionary portfolio offering that has access to a wide range of global investment opportunities, through a blend of expert fund managers who are, in the Manager’s, MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limited, opinion, leaders in their field. <More…>


Pension Services

MitonOptimal CImanages a number of private Guernsey based Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes (RATS),  covering a range of investment strategies, on a discretionary or advisory basis. MitonOptimal CI also manage the underlying investment vehicles within the Fortress Pension Plan (a multi-member RATS) which offers a tax-efficient pension option in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.   <More…>


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