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Portfolio Management

Contact us for a no obligation portfolio management proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

MitonOptimal CI offers a full range of portfolio management services to private and institutional clients.  Bespoke solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients through risk aware investment strategies, proven investment models and investment philosophies.

  • Discretionary Fund Management Services
  • Advisory Management Services
  • Advisory Dealing Services
  • Execution-Only Services

MitonOptimal CI can help you decide which type of service meets those needs and expectations you may have through offering the following services.  All investment decisions are made by the MitonOptimal CI Investment Management Committee (“IMC”), which is made up of professional investment people from a range of disciplines.  The IMC ensures that all decisions are well thought out and appropriate.

  • The IMC meets on a monthly basis and review all aspects of the market and our investment models and strategies
  • Each IMC member can vote on matters that require the Committee to make a formal decision
  • A simple majority of votes cast will determine approval, with the Chief Investment Officer having the casting vote where there is no clear majority
  • The IMC has a broad business remit covering both our mainstream and specialist investment businesses

The IMC’s remit includes:

  • Assessing investment and market conditions to generate a strategic overview for MitonOptimal CI’s investment portfolios
  • Determining the asset allocation for our model portfolios and mainstream funds
  • Assessing and implementing tactical trading opportunities
  • Approving the addition or removal of managers to our approved managers list
  • Considering and debating investment ideas.

The IMC’s decisions flow through to all relevant mainstream managed portfolios and MitonOptimal CI funds.

Bespoke Discretionary Fund Management Services

Let MitonOptimal CI’s investment experts manage your investments for you on a bespoke and fully discretionary basis. Our main objective is to help you preserve your wealth in accordance with the investment objectives you provide us, through an initial and ongoing consultative process.

Those objectives include defining your:

  • investment time-scale
  • risk tolerance
  • liquidity needs
  • reference currency
  • geographical preferences

MitonOptimal CI will then identify investment opportunities that meet your objectives; allocate a suitable balance of asset classes based on successful investment models;  manage the level of risk your investments are exposed to and seek to maximise your returns.

At all times, your assets are maintained by a highly experienced investment management team that provides:

  • continuous assessment and analysis of financial markets and conditions
  • monitoring of positions and re-balancing where necessary
  • monthly strategic reviews to refine decisions on asset allocation

Advisory Management Services

MitonOptimal CI works with a number of individuals and institutions as an investment advisor.  Our advisory management service allows you to control your own investment decisions, backed by regular professional advice; across the full range of investment options from our Investment team.  That advice is based on our understanding of your investment objectives and your current investment portfolio.  You can also decide on the level and frequency of contact you receive from our team, thus enabling us to fit in with your busy schedule.

The result is that you can pursue your own investment activity with a strong degree of confidence gained from having the research and advice of a team of investment professionals.

Advisory Dealing Services

MitonOptimal CI offers an advisory dealing service to clients who are confident about managing their own portfolio but would still like to get advice and professional guidance with  their investment decisions.  The client does however take full responsibility for monitoring the balance and risk of the investments made.

Execution-Only Services

MitonOptimal CI will implement the clients investment instructions and supply portfolio valuations on request.  The client is fully responsible for all investment decisions made, including their suitability and future performance potential.

Client Relationship Management

Regardless of the service you choose to take advantage of, MitonOptimal CI undertake to offer the highest standard of service available .  We achieve this through regular client meetings, and telephone/email/regular mail depending on your preferences.  Our Client Relationship Team and our Investment Team are always available to assist you in any way.

MitonOptimal CI offer the following Service Promise to all of its clients:

Service Promise

The three main tenets of our service promise to our clients are:

  1. communication
  2. continuity
  3. flexibility

MitonOptimal CI is able to deliver exceptional personal service based on these three tenets, which form a cornerstone of our business strategy and also reflect the character and philosophy of our company and its approach to offering professional investment services.

1. Communication

MitonOptimal CI has regular meetings with all clients’, private or institutional, throughout the year, aiming to suit the preferences of each individual client where possible.  This ensures that our clients are always fully aware of the status of their managed portfolio and are also able to speak directly to investment decision makers within MitonOptimal CI.

2. Continuity

MitonOptimal CI’s philosophy towards client relationships has, to a large extent, been shaped by its Principals’ experience of our industry’s shortcomings. Foremost amongst our clients’ needs is continuity of contact with someone whom they know and who is familiar with their affairs. Yet this most basic of requirements – a familiar voice on the end of the ‘phone or a friendly face in a meeting – is something that is so often missing with many investment organisations. As owners of the business, our principals are committed to MitonOptimal for the long term and recognize that this continuity will be key to maintaining lasting relationships with our clients.

3. Flexibility

MitonOptimal CI has the flexibility to deliver to our clients wealth management solutions and standards of service that go beyond industry norms. Key to this is our independence and our policy of out-sourcing day-to-day strategy execution and stock selection decisions to proven specialists through the use of collective vehicles such as offshore funds and unit trusts. Free from the constraints that are inherent in larger organisations, our “magpie approach” means that we are able to draw upon a pool of investment talent that is broader, yet at the same time more focused, than any single investment provider can offer. Furthermore, our size means that we can respond to change quickly and implement ideas effectively: not for us the endless machinations of the typical investment committee. These factors, combined with research and data sources, manager selection criteria and due diligence processes that are at least the equal of our peers, mean that MitonOptimal CI holds its own in terms of investment expertise.


MitonOptimal’s fee structure is designed to offer clients a fair and equitable range of costs that are charged quarterly in arrears.   MitonOptimal CI offers a competitive fee schedule for their services.  We also maintain a fair system that includes rebating introductory commissions where possible for our Discretionary and Advisory Management Services.  Contact us for a no obligation portfolio management proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

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